DEEDS has moved beyond Mumbai and set up a study centre in Vadodara (Gujarat) for the Deaf to impart training in English through the medium of sign language. Ishara foundation is the knowledge partner of DEEDS BELC Programme.

English language beginner Level A and Level B are being successfully implemented.

The success and uniqueness of this programme is because the teachers themselves are Deaf which makes it easier for the Deaf to connect with the students. The class is conducted by using sign language as a medium to teach English language and also use of other teaching aids is regularly done.

This progarmme aims at the academic development of young Deaf adults in Vadodara. This centre is committed towards its cause of training young Deaf adults in spoken and written English through sign language thereby preparing them for higher education and making them eligible for jobs in various industries.


You can sponsor the education of one student at the BELC at any of the centres and improve his/her chances of procuring a good job. All you have to do is sign a cheque right now.

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