In accordance with its mission to make the Deaf financially self-reliant, DEEDS pays special attention to include them in mainstream society. As a part of this endeavor, DEEDS started its Placement Cell in Mumbai in the year 2005. The Placement Cell acts as a liaison between the employer and the Deaf employees.

Since its inception, DEEDS Placement Cell has included a sensitization program for the hearing persons employed in organizations that also seek to employ the Deaf.

It has included in its area of function a Work-Ethics Program for the Deaf, pre-employment and during their tenure in the organization, this program helps them understand their function in the organization and adjust to the work environment. It also minimizes the rate of attrition. Since its inception, DEEDS has successfully placed 1500 Deaf in different organisations helping them become economically self-sufficient. Impressed with the determination and skill of the Deaf, many organisations have made available job opportunities to the Deaf, thus giving them a chance to live a life of confidence and purpose.

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