Uzma Sharifi

Uzma A Sharifi, was born genetically deaf. In spite of having a supportive family she had to undergo a lot of hardships. Through her childhood and adolescence, she was absorbed in her world of complete silence and discrimination. She had been sitting at home-aimless. Her existence didnít seem to have a meaning. However after completing her junior college with great difficulty, she decided to pursue her passion-cooking. Her love for cooking was the driving force to register herself in the DEEDS Catering Course at Versova. Little did she know that this was the turning point of her life. The course gave a new meaning to her existence. Now, not only was there a direction in her life but for the first time she began to feel that she truly was on par with others. This is exactly what the institute taught her to be independent and excel in her forte. Through constant encouragement from her mentors at the Catering institute she excelled in the course which resulted in her topping the institute. After completion of the course, DEEDS gave her the opportunity to work with Taj. For the past two years she has been working in Taj as an apprentice chef. Uzma has specialized in baking cakes and deserts as well as Fruits assortment. She is a successful working woman on par with her hearing abled counterparts, has financial independence and more importantly a sense of self worth with abundant confidence. Uzma says that she owes her success to her professors in the catering Institute who taught her to not just be average but excel. Someday her dream is to publish her own cookery book and not just participate but also win Master Chef India.

Sanjali Dhuri

Sanjali came to DEEDS in the hope of access to better opportunities. With a never say die spirit and extreme determination, she wanted to do something meaningful in her life and be economically independent. Just a phone call to DEEDS gave her the break she was looking for. From being a mere data entry operator, she was absorbed by HDFC Bank as an executive in the back office processing department in the bank.


This story is about Shivani who was profound Deaf in both ears and could hardly utter any words. Being born into a poor family, there were neither resources nor means for them to fund her education. In 1999, when she came to the Bajaj Institute of Learning (BIL), she seemed to be in state of despair. Her father turned to BIL and informed them about her predicament. Things took a turn for the better. At BIL, Shivani completed her Std 10th in computers. This in turn helped her get a job in Oberoi Motors as a Data Entry Operator. Her determination served to be an inspiration for the owner of the company, Mr. Oberoi to employ 10 more students from the institute.

Rohan Dias

Rohan is a student of the first batch of DEEDS Catering Institute which commenced in August 2007. Enthusiastic since day one, he achieved great success in his chosen field of catering after passing out from the DEEDS catering Institute. He is now placed in the kitchens of the Taj Group of Hotels in Mumbai. Today he is economically independent and extremely confident. From being an introvert he has blossomed into a social person who exudes confidence. He believes that it was the DEEDS catering course that channelized his talent in the right direction and truly tapped his potential.

Aarti Ahirekar

This is the story of a young girl Aarti Ahirekar around 8 years old was profound Deaf and also could not speak. Her mother worked at different homes washing dishes. Her father worked as an auto rickshaw driver far away from the residence. Both parents left home early in the morning and left the child alone locked up in their little hut. To add to this the local municipal school refused to give the child admission,as she was handicapped. The mother shared her plight with her employer who took action. She got in touch with DEEDS and narrated this story. She brought the child with the mother to DEEDS office. When they came to the DEEDS office, the child was extremely scared to the extent she dropped the cold drink bottle. After assuring the child, we at DEEDS studied her case and suggested sending her to a special school near her residence. She was sent to Ali Yavar Jung Institute in Bandra for an audiometry test, where they suggested that she needed a hearing aid .

All she needed was a fair chance to be given to her. She is presently attending a special school in a suburb in Mumbai where she has excelled in communication through sign language. She has also pursued her passion, dancing. She was enrolled in a bharat natyam dance class and has since then successfully completed her arangetam. The child has blossomed beautifully and made great progress. Aarti is no more the anxious young girl she once was. She is now a full fledged Bharat Natyam dancer. All it took was one phone call to DEEDS.

Anup Jha

Anup's determination to succeed motivated him to become an ideal student with a questioning mind and an eagerness to learn. In fact, he has been an inspiration to his colleagues. Anupís is a story that is surely a beacon of light to young people in the same predicament.

Anup Jha currently works at the site kitchen at Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai. He is one of the 14 Deaf candidates trained by Radha Krishna Hospitality Services for a period of six weeks in Kitchen Competence and then trained for a period of six months at their sites.

Anupís determination to succeed motivated him to become an ideal student with a questioning mind and an eagerness to learn and today he is a source of inspiration to his colleagues and other Deaf people.

Prashant Bambal

This is the story of Prashant Bambal, 21 years old from Chembur. While his father worked in Vidarbha region, he studied in a deaf school in Nagpur. Though he passed SSC, he knew that he could not really understand the subjects taught at school. He was very unhappy due to poor literacy skills. Due to fatherís transfer, his family moved to Mumbai where he started looking for a college for the deaf. He was first introduced to English Literacy Programme started by DEEDS at Chembur. Later, he continued studying English at the DEEDS Charni Road centre. After successfully completing Level A course, as an intern he started to teach basic English to children in Deaf schools under the BELC Program. According to him, DEEDS saved his life by teaching him the necessary literacy skills. Today he can communicate with others and is very happy. He teaches English to other deaf students like him.


This is the story of Manan Shah who is from Bhavnagar, Gujarat. He passed the SSC board exams. Many deaf people asked him to enroll for the English course at DEEDS- Vadodara several times; finally he enrolled himself for the Basic English Course in August 2009. He started enjoying the subject as he could understand the meanings of words. His teachers explained to him in sign language all the grammar and vocabulary that was part of the course. Their guidance changed his life. Today he is a skilled and talented person and more confident and self reliant.

He thanks DEEDSfor transforming his life positively.

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